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(Adults) Mon 7-8:30pm // Tues 8-9pm // Thurs 7:30-9pm(Juniors) Mon 6:15-7pm // Tues 6:15-7pm (Teens) Tues 7:15-8pm
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KMC Little Warriors

Juniors Ages 5-11 every Monday 6.15pm-7pm // Tuesday 6.15pm-7pm
Teens Ages 12-16 every Tuesday 7.15pm-8pm

Our Mission:

Welcome to KMC Little Warriors, if you are reading this then you are considering booking our free trial class for your little one and as the club owner at KMC (and a parent myself) I can assure you they will be in very good hands. Here are just some of the benefits of learning Krav Maga from an early age:

  • Self Confidence /Self esteem
  • Self Discipline
  • Determination
  • Respect
  • Fitness
  • Awareness/Stranger Danger skills
  • Encourages Socialisation and Team work
  • Build physical strength

Krav Maga is not a martial art as such, KM is a hybrid of a number of martial arts which we combine to use for relevant everyday use wether it be on the street, in school or any day to day situation  for both adults and children. At KMC we have a unique way of working with your children to help teach them all of the above. Our classes are fun and friendly and provide a safe environment for everyone to learn essential new skills and awareness towards keeping them safe.

They will be taught by a KMG certified, experienced instructor, and can assure you that it is our mission to work closely with each child/teenager to help them improve within this amazing self defence system. We look to push all of our students both mentally and physically to the next level wether you are looking to bully proof your child/ teenager or simply looking to tire them out and have fun then we are the club for you.

We look forward to working with you,

Kev – KMC